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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Renhe Hotel Hangzhou (Ren He Hotel Hangzhou), L'hotel a pochi passi dal West Lake è un boutique hotel che integra lo scenario del West Lake e lo stile architettonico moderno.L'hotel dispone di una posizione geografica unica e di un trasporto conveniente. Ci sono molti grandi centri commerciali di moda e di svago e di intrattenimento intorno ad esso, come Nanshan Road bar, West Lake nuovo mondo, Hubin internazionale famosa strada di prodotti, ecc. a pochi minuti a piedi, si può davvero godere lo shopping, il tempo libero e il cibo di Hangzhou.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • leoli
    So so
  • e02760489
    Service is very good, room was clean, good location, just near the West Lake
  • metro8
    Lakeside business district to eat play bus convenient hotel facilities like a five-star standard of the city!
  • anxu525
    Hotel room was small, but service was good, the West Lake in close proximity, for Hangzhou Tourism travel, recommended
  • balanceman
    Go to Hangzhou to basically stay in this hotel, good location, around eating much
  • drdr1961
    Older hotel rooms are small but the location is super nice out across a road just opposite to the West Lake has INtime department store near Metro was close anyway is convenient to travel down South wrapped in delicious
  • cunama
    Good location
  • Ivy93
    Very good! hotels in lakeside! clause is a free upgrade to Deluxe Business room! nice! great facilities around! hotel really is a true foodie! downstairs is eating ... Hated only one stomach is fit! the only thing is the big bed room looking out of the window is a glimpse of the wall! or twin view downstairs is a green yard! very recommended clean convenient downstairs by walking 500 metres with 7 road, go straight to the temple! yihou
  • nancyliu2110
    Hotel services, location quite good, location on the Lake ... only a little less than is, room too small, began to open the door a little taste, but aired just fine. There is also lack of central air conditioning, seemingly closed, opened only ventilation refrigeration useless results. 6,7 hot temperature of 26 degrees, which is bad
  • rob305
    Hotel location, but otherwise is very convenient, is to eat all around, the traffic is very convenient, is the West Lake, hotel services were good, praise!
  • birdf
    Like the
  • litan99
    Hotel was very warm and very professional, cost-effective, recommended.
  • e01581907
    Very good hotel in every way. lobby sign reads 'Hangzhou's first boutique hotel' decorating for several years, but the feeling is still very new, very clean ... is near from the Lake, the surrounding is very convenient for meals, lodging. the hotel staff were very friendly. Downside is that the rooms were small, early booking price, price is still very high. Next time I go to Hangzhou, also will stay.
  • lipanyu
    The good location of the hotel, around eating out easy. room good location no accident, cleaning OK.
  • milton1983
    Overall felt good, very good, close to the West Lake is convenient!
  • Suede
    Good. in the Lake ... very comfortable
  • maryxia
    Distance's near the Lake, surrounding traffic is very convenient, walking near to the longxiangqiao Metro station, a few minutes away; a little bit bad is the hot water in the bathroom is always hot and cold, the water temperature is not very stable, everything else OK
  • leilei2
    This hotel, except location also no what advantage has. landing window was is single layer glass, both not noise also not insulation, also caused has 'warm shed' effect. housing inside than outside high good several times, Hangzhou was on stuffy, housing inside more hot, row fan also bad has, only a fan Windows can ventilation, opened angle also is small, clothes wash has fundamental on dry can't. is can open air conditioning, but October also cannot total open air conditioning Ah. day in housing in stay a hours on stand has. Hotel clothingNot humane, where we stayed for four nights and weekend prices by 200 Yuan, had to change hotels. breakfast, with a face.
  • E00781299
    From the West Lake, a few steps away, very convenient, get up in the morning in the Lake, enjoy the lake views, Hotel Nice, hotel address is not too hard to find, forks, note navigation. breakfast next door is the taste of fast food, not bad ... will stay again. and praise one! than a high of hotel. highly recommended.
  • crf0401
    Good breakfast, near the West Lake, you can visit at any time. the bathroom is too small. Interior lines, I do not ask for much. bus very convenient Oh! front desk can also.
  • scream
    Hotel room was small, but very nice, equipped, distances's near the Lake, surrounding traffic is very convenient, it is to select the first element of. Lake each year around, sure I will choose benevolence.
  • linccc
    The location is very good and convenient.
  • cooljjjx
    Good location is on the side of the West Lake, like other
  • guoguojy0719
    Went to the West Lake easy, basically going out. and the hotel is surrounded by delicious, could have included breakfast room. prices I feel great ... because of the perfect location. rooms have drinking water, is a major feature. tourist travel hotel is a good choice, I think!
  • general
    Hotels in Lake side, which is very convenient, surrounded by places to eat
  • Weidao_ Xiao
    All right
  • ruby624
    Hotel room is a bit small, between there and the adjacent hotel room a bit noisy outside (close the window without too much noise), very good! clean, neat, went out in two minutes to the Lake, surrounding food shopping easy! perfect!
  • picca
    Although the room was small but good health is quite new is also very good, very clean, shower water is very large or very tasty something swimming lake provides drinking water location is very convenient
  • yiren2301
    Hangzhou has been living the hotel is very good, but the WIFI signal was very poor, I can't use it, recommends enhanced WIFI signal.
  • nordance
    Hotel location excellent, others so-so
  • jodie
    Nice nice convenient environment
  • a1866
    Hotel birthday the same day, the hotel sent cards and fruit, very happy. the location of the hotel is excellent, for tourism. Service staff very helpful, facilities and health are good. is recommended. Hangzhou hotel prices are going up again, is feeling a lot.
  • NodeB
    Hotel right price, great location!
  • fairyblueblue
    Overall good?
  • dan420forever
    Hotel location is very good, there are a lot of food around, Hangzhou restaurant, Grandma's House, view what taste, too much is too much? next to cross the street is the West Lake, too busy. Nice is the bathroom a bit small, decoration in the restaurant on the first floor, not very well. overall is quite satisfactory, next to Hangzhou still intend to stay here.
    It's OK
  • e01983491
    Hangzhou have stayed this hotel, all is good, very close to the Lake, surrounding food shopping is also very convenient. breakfast, mainly good location. in General recommended.
  • ANDREA6018
    Very nice hotel ... n stay
  • doudoubee
    Good location, just near the West Lake, near dinner is very convenient, rooms a little old!
  • danny217
    Very good location, in front of West Lake, followed by Silver Lake Tai, a building was established for children, with children in the neighborhood are too convenient, food play, traffic convenient, very satisfying.
  • fancynini
    Was very close to the West Lake, but the door opened in the alley is a mess the booked deluxe room and stay two nights over more than 1000 value
  • idealss
    Great, convenient, Central, yet quiet, quiet, facilities were very good
  • ipmansi
    Close enough to the West Lake, is very old, next to eating fairly easy
  • abcdgp
    Great location, just near the West Lake, but estimates for years, and some wet-
  • nuoya_wen
    The location is very convenient, near Star Mall
  • Aimee1982
    Ideally, eat, play is very convenient and warm service, is my first choice for visit to Hangzhou Hotels!
  • Is the son of Wei Long
    Suite window of a room is a room with no, Lake only five degree angle! television, the television programme!
  • m03703248
    Full marks
  • Aaron9911
    Every time I go to Hangzhou lived here, one street is the West Lake, is near from the musical fountain downstairs view of confluence of the Hangzhou food taste is set, there are prominent representatives of the Hangzhou food restaurant in Hangzhou, close to the road very close to the Department stores ~
  • yefangliang
    Hotel is near the Lake, turn out, Grandma, zhiweiguan, white deer shop is nearby, very convenient. hotel room soundproofing was not good, service good, because high speed rail schedule, can be delayed to 1 more leg room.