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Situated on the Hubin pedestrian street, the Hangzhou Renhe Hotel (Hangzhou Renhe Fandian) is close to West Lake, many business, entertainment and shopping centers. This Hangzhou hotel features queen rooms, standard rooms and lake-view rooms enabling guests to enjoy the beauty of West Lake. All rooms are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, high-speed internet access, VOD system and central air conditioning...More Details>>

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  • Mangafille
    Very nice and clean
  • nieuwfinder
    Hotel location was excellent, friendly, clean, and again, great one.
  • evejy
    Hotel overall feels good, worthy of the price, very close to the Lake, at night you can see musical fountain, next time we will also consider booking this hotel.
  • yonyuan01
    Hotel elegant
  • insun_ilu
    Because license plate limited,, so I early to has. at 4 o'clock in the morning up. good trapped, hotel has chosen, no let I live. I is head a at 11 o'clock in the evening only set of room. confirmed has of. but front desk by provides do. day morning and just Xia rain, results and trapped and tired of station in outside got wet. play of heart lost. this situation I in five-star hotel hi to Deng encountered had, family also let I in live has. system is died of, people is live of. next, not again staying.
  • Microgame
    Naozhongqujing very convenient accommodation nice
  • bg4tme
    Multiple occupancy, location excellent, just beside the West Lake, near Fountain place, hotel unique features in the South, intentions and meticulous management. upgrade lake view, great!
    Distance is close to the West Lake, door in the street is not very hard to find, service is very good.
  • maerjj
    Very good!
  • awen0806
    Location is good, Hangzhou East station out directly sat Metro to longxiangqiao station c export out along yan an road ahead go two a junction to posts and telecommunications road right turn in is, on in Hangzhou Hotel behind. hotel again to behind through a road is Lake has, travel very convenient, away from music fountain also is near, 5 minutes of away, music fountain is clock of, hotel service guide Shang has fountain open time, probably is each hour are has. dinner also convenient, hotel since with restaurant, frontHotel is Hangzhou, prices are more affordable. next trip should be taken into account!
  • jameswangcui
    Location is very good, is outside Hangzhou restaurant, Grandma's House, and green tea, and across the street is the heart of white deer. However, in addition to locations, hotel equipment is poor, room small, pathetic and couldn't open the suitcase. noise is so bad, wash TV in the next room could be heard. originally set for two nights, one night stand it ran.
  • dastan
    Resident, Yes
  • BoBoGeGe
    Great location, lots of famous restaurants are so close
  • canotty1
    The West Lake, clean and good service.
  • lulunefu
    Was very close to the West Lake, would arrive at the fountain walk. family very happy!
  • xiaoxumu
    Hotels in lakeside location is very good, dinner and it is also very convenient, the room very comfortable, hygiene is also very good, to Hangzhou later choices here.
  • NICY049
    Live well
  • fatyuan
    Good location, convenient, room is clean and tidy. slippers is too small.
  • langsueer
    Very easy and very nice room
  • carnivore1969
    Hotel location is very good, many restaurants around the hotel, that is expensive
  • excelent
    Friendly, facilities very good, service good!
  • jijing18
    Reserved for MOM and dad, they say fine, stay on Thursday, particularly high cost performance, parents happy
  • enjoy2
  • e02190756
    Prices just from the Lake near surroundings no room bathroom design also has issues not before the curtain is transparent to the equivalent of one much better than the West Lake is also far cheaper than he really did not make the score so high
  • danlion
    The Wi-Fi is really drunk!
  • LMsuperman
    Great! easy to clean and safe location and lake view! drinking room facilities very good WiFi not so depend on traffic to stay next time!
  • laupeng
    Hotel good location, opposite the Lake, next to the grandmother's House
  • blairjy
    The newly renovated, very comfortable, just beside the West Lake, where convenient, next time I go to this
  • ct521yy
    First said said location's, Xia Metro again go a 300 meters around on to has, next is know taste views hotel, has snacks and dinner, taste good, especially door outside sold window of halogen ribs really of delicious is not greasy, eat enough has has package many with home. around dinner of place really of many various taste complete, away from Lake only go not to 5 minutes road, is convenient. is room really of is small, especially bathroom, two a people in inside are think squeeze. health pour also can, but not open windowWhat smells. room service is still very powerful, room fridge broken, main station phone to freeze away shortly after. toilet has a shower washing lines, very fine but not drying clothes. baggage of the Hall little brother is very kind to help me collect the express.
  • e00054033
    A good hotel with great attention to detail! except a bit older rooms are small, others are good! from the Lake very close to! have been staying at this hotel!
  • fly1003
    Has multiple occupancy. good location, and across the street from the West Lake; lovely, cultural atmosphere, warm and thoughtful service. hotel rooms are a little small, but one is enough.
  • E02321129
    Hotel is nice, sophisticated business hotel, and its location are particularly good, the price is a bit expensive, but the overall feel is very good.
  • e01331732
    Nice hotel, location was very good, close to the Lake and very close to the subway station, peripheral perfect recommended
  • niudi2007
    Convenient location, dinner is very convenient to travel around. is the room a bit behind on, WiFi hardly used
  • e01142827
    Hotel is very good, the surrounding downtown, close to the Lake and Metro station, convenient.
  • torisweng
    With elderly and children with travel, location very good, away from music fountain very near, walk 3, 5 minutes, traffic convenience, service also very good, has straight water, detergent, is intimate. around dinner very convenient. Unicom room is for family accommodation, is has a room no Windows, WiFi not to force. anyway also is is good of, yihou also will select here staying.
  • davidbj
    In Hangzhou most Center of place, since driving met Shang control around has half hours only into to chuan garage, is too miserable has. Hangzhou traffic really of too poor. hotel location is good, away from Lake a step of away. not recommends since driving of live. hotel facilities compared old has, find road of when playing has many phone asked, waiter attitude has been is good. on these has.
  • fei00fei
    The environment is good
  • cris.lin
    1, on the Lakeside, a few steps. 2, hotel very carefully, even has a clothesline, laundry detergent, its fine. 3, clean, and very quiet.
  • wyf23569
    Surprisingly good
  • cfy820
    To Hangzhou every year, this ... the perfect location, opposite the West Lake Lakeside, taste and the next restaurant, Hangzhou. meals, lodging is very convenient.
  • sarisaul
    Facilities, drinking water, very nice! not far from the lakeside and the Metro station is around eating a lot. in addition to the room WiFi was unstable, is quite good.
  • melodyyanyan
    Engage in activities, rates is near from the West Lake
  • ctdyf_01
    All right
  • e04425800
    Travel convenience
  • andycocy
    Distance is close to the scenic spots, transportation and facilities
  • mollisue
    Hotel is near the Lake, very close to the Wulin square, shopping, visit? wrong
  • liu_2005
    Nice convenient
  • bigeyeyy
    Service great, fair, no uncomfortable feeling, a typical four-star, washing room is too small, there is less than 4 square meters, very short.
  • papa600
    The good location of the hotel, away from the Lake only a road, near a lot of goodies such as new White Hart restaurant restaurant in Hangzhou, Honeymoon Dessert, Western, Chinese cuisine makes up for breakfast with no regrets, on Friday and Saturday the price is a bit expensive. in general are satisfied with the stay!