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Situated on the Hubin pedestrian street, the Hangzhou Renhe Hotel (Hangzhou Renhe Fandian) is close to West Lake, many business, entertainment and shopping centers. This Hangzhou hotel features queen rooms, standard rooms and lake-view rooms enabling guests to enjoy the beauty of West Lake. All rooms are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, high-speed internet access, VOD system and central air conditioning...More Details>>

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  • crespo
    Well, from the Lake near, Metro close to advance weekend prices a lot
  • e01543138
    Very close to the Lake, travel easy
  • poy0808
    Health OK
  • lxlxpp
    Transportation and travel are very convenient, next gourmet countless.
  • icelily18
    Hotel location is very good, the West Lake scenic area on the edge of small room, sleep was a bit noisy at night, and overall price/performance, but on the Lake side of the hotel are expensive
  • excelent
    Friendly, facilities very good, service good!
  • ffcoins
    Service attitude good, location locations first-class, equipment complete, is clean degrees here broken work has! was also wants to to a praise of, but is clean this aspects not too clean, room is free of clean just, in here live five days has, see in service copies Shang on was are didn't want to say what has. in hotel during, night weather cold, has been are in wear trousers, are didn't to note himself of feet have red points, just think double feet itch of, original thought is himself skin dry, so itchy, Are not to talk has. but later back home Hou, see double feet are out has many star acne acne, just began I also also thought is was mosquito bite, but later a see, original is was lice bite of traces. too terrorist has! should is bed inside has lice. I and I brother are has such of situation, I sister sleep another bed on no such of problem! now skin also in itch of. first times lost bad of evaluation. sorry, hope you more note clean that aspects.
  • littleorange
    Well, Oh
  • torisweng
    With elderly and children with travel, location very good, away from music fountain very near, walk 3, 5 minutes, traffic convenience, service also very good, has straight water, detergent, is intimate. around dinner very convenient. Unicom room is for family accommodation, is has a room no Windows, WiFi not to force. anyway also is is good of, yihou also will select here staying.
  • duomilei
    Hotel for two days, together with his wife and children. to talk about feelings, advantages of going out across the street is the West Lake lakeside area, places to eat around concept of taste, Grandma's House, downstairs there are KFC, Yang Chinese fast-food meals, subway mouth. whether it is traffic, viewing, food is very convenient, for their families and elderly people. Disadvantages; 1. the hotel providing just passable services. I booked a room with breakfast for one, the total is two nights, and because it is aLady with also with daughter, wants to with hotel discuss with will two days of single breakfast into day of double people breakfast, addition day way to try know taste views of features snacks. can hotel in not increased any additional cost of situation Xia a rebuffed, reflected out service enough human. Hou in we insisted Xia, hotel only barely agreed. but still only sent has we a Zhang coupons, for we specially and total Taiwan confirmed second days two a people past whether didn't problem, get certainly of replies Hou, secondDays staff is stopped we not let two a people into. we explained Hou, staff surface dew displeasure, said we should ahead of told. I Le a to, IERS head day I is and cattle in talk! staying Hou called waiter sent has three times things, respectively is garbage bags, slippers, hanger, third times waiter obviously not patience has, to we has what needs best once said clear. I and Le a to, were it not for room deficiency this deficiency that, I can always trouble you you? 2. hotel facilities weekTo. room of hanger all fixed in wardrobe in, took not out, and deliberately stated cannot in wardrobe within airing hanging wet clothes. good's, clothes wash has only with hand lift with has airing. addition, room partial small, although in Center scenic, price will high some, but more than 500 more a late of room, you let I in room in go always touch with table leg son also not right. This is my general impression after stay in here and score 70 points. If you consider out of convenience, here is aGood choice if you value experience here that you want to have a lot of improvement.
  • cfy820
    To Hangzhou every year, this ... the perfect location, opposite the West Lake Lakeside, taste and the next restaurant, Hangzhou. meals, lodging is very convenient.
  • e00315942
    That's good
  • LRS8028
    Very good location, to go out is the West Lake, down the Mall and restaurants.
  • e01581907
    Very good hotel in every way. lobby sign reads 'Hangzhou's first boutique hotel' decorating for several years, but the feeling is still very new, very clean ... is near from the Lake, the surrounding is very convenient for meals, lodging. the hotel staff were very friendly. Downside is that the rooms were small, early booking price, price is still very high. Next time I go to Hangzhou, also will stay.
  • Eric1975
    Great location, just near the West Lake, the facility is a bit old, bathroom sewer smell
  • leaf_xp
    Hotel is good, on in Lake side Shang, exposure commercial circle in the, eat of also is convenient. is I set of is weekend room, total Taiwan said also didn't received agents room paragraph, let I paid has full deposit, but back are fast a week has, also didn't received returned of deposit, even hotel no received agents of room paragraph, is also should and customer contact about does? after all I has paid has double of room paragraph.
  • lynne126
    Hotels near West Lake, is located in the downtown area, it is convenient to eat opposite also has a bike take
  • jnet68
    Very close to the West Lake, just on the edge. service is not up to much
  • lyllian
    Great location, health in General.
  • AllanAn
    Room's worth the price than WINS in places
  • balanceman
    Go to Hangzhou to basically stay in this hotel, good location, around eating much
  • lengyiming
    Are very satisfactory, humane services
  • cyacyacya
    Hotel location is very good, going out to dinner is very convenient for shopping, is the bathroom too small
  • garbage777
    Room was getting old
  • alei220
    Hotel is very good, very close to the West Lake, Luo Jing at the front desk service was very good
  • eyeatbay
    Service sanitation facilities are also good, is the Lake of Lake view letting me down.
  • clscls
    Good location, just near the West Lake. Eat around a lot! Also equipped with intimate detergent! nice one! Is welcome to send fruit, two apples are rotten, would rather not send!
  • arcticfox
    Location didn't say, go out and walk two steps is the West Lake ... easy parking. hardware is very general. expensive on your lot.
  • Betterman118
    Excellent location, distance very close to the Lake, friendly, recommended.
  • NICY049
    Live well
  • danny217
    Convenient hotel location in the city center, subway, and bus; Inns around everywhere, snacks, light meals, famous restaurant cuisine, everything. older hotel facilities, hotel service is good and in good health.
  • superpost
    Hotel is near the Lake, surrounded by circle subway station is 10 minutes away.
  • mideajing
    Good location, no way. price is important.
  • e00085770
    Lived here to Hangzhou, West Lake, self drive trip is easy.
  • jameswangcui
    Location is very good, is outside Hangzhou restaurant, Grandma's House, and green tea, and across the street is the heart of white deer. However, in addition to locations, hotel equipment is poor, room small, pathetic and couldn't open the suitcase. noise is so bad, wash TV in the next room could be heard. originally set for two nights, one night stand it ran.
  • bobowang_2323
    Also, the room is a little small
  • bluefly
    Very close to the Lake, walk for a few minutes, and convenient transportation, eat around a lot
  • ddung_yi
    Very nice hotel, good hardware! transportation is also convenient, opposite the Lake, surrounded by commercial centers, what convenience! highly recommended
  • lianyanyu
    Good location, other General
  • dyw0536
    Well, a lot better
  • Suede
    Good. in the Lake ... very comfortable
  • rongjianli
    Hotels next to West Lake, is very convenient to visit. and the surrounding restaurants are also very much, dining ... hotel room service good, but may is located in the downtown area, outside singing voice can be heard at night, poor soundproof. bathroom shower and basin slightly old, but health did quite well.
  • natas2001
    To Hangzhou this, has become used to it. but now feel more and more bad, outdated facilities can't, but not health, towels were dirty, toilet paper is very poor quality. taking into account the next time you want to get rid of this habit.
  • SuperSoldier
    Very close to the West Lake, but is not very hard to find in the alley!
  • cflowj
    Good location, a few steps to the Lake, surrounding eating lots of Grandma's House, and green tea, hotel health good, cost-effective
  • e05145178
    Already checked multiple times, just as home warm, love as always, will often come
  • gowin
    Stayed for 3 days in a row, very nice hotel ... clean, quiet, the service is in place
  • cy_sissy
    Each time to this convenient, clean, good service
  • luweijian
    Only a few steps from the Lake, very convenient ...
  • bolls
    Hotel is really good, and its advantageous geographical location, the bed was very comfortable, the room was quiet, next time I go to Hangzhou will choose!