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Situated on the Hubin pedestrian street, the Hangzhou Renhe Hotel (Hangzhou Renhe Fandian) is close to West Lake, many business, entertainment and shopping centers. This Hangzhou hotel features queen rooms, standard rooms and lake-view rooms enabling guests to enjoy the beauty of West Lake. All rooms are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, high-speed internet access, VOD system and central air conditioning...More Details>>

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  • liang_c
    Reservation for people he lived so recommend, great location, convenient travel
  • bg4tme
    Multiple occupancy, location excellent, just beside the West Lake, near Fountain place, hotel unique features in the South, intentions and meticulous management. upgrade lake view, great!
  • cooni19
    Location is very good, very clean, House of small things very carefully!
  • missddl
    Hotel old air conditioning machine Super loud sheets a oil smell super convenient location the front desk you can also compare the kind
  • doudoubee
    Good location, just near the West Lake, near dinner is very convenient, rooms a little old!
  • aristo
    Very good location, good service, clean, room a bit small, overall nice, worthy of recommendation
  • leejie77
    Advantages of excellent location, walking distance to Lake 100m, a boat; a restaurant more, optional range, Hubin Yin Tai settlement hundreds; car parking free; breakfast were very good. Weaknesses; live, 6/f, 7/f, restaurant, cooking time Duang-Duang-Duang, sound of chopping meat, the computer response is no better solution. recommend that families with children do not choose, 6/f, wake baby to sleep.
  • juwanyuan
    Very convenient
  • milton1983
    Overall felt good, very good, close to the West Lake is convenient!
  • caijforjob
    Location did not have to say, is very convenient to play table ... but, after all, some of the old, the bathroom door or bad. There also is great.
  • e00974622
    Hotel location is very good, convenient
  • Jonne
    Hotel away from Lake is near. October 1 this thought spaces will full, unexpected hotel basement also has vacancy, waiter said this shop live guest can assessment votes from parking fee, praise a a. set of business standard between, room than imagine of big many, details facilities is full, room and bathroom are is clean, Windows lighting is good. Lake side Shang, is a worth of hotel has.
  • linjingc321
    Next time I go to, to live here.
  • peter_innovate
    On the Lake, free upgrade to family room
  • boajin
    Hotel location have no say, and instantly on the Lake. next to a variety of well-known restaurants and fast-food restaurants, Grandma in line so long. Rooms are large enough, 4 persons comfortably. side lake view, small in size, it is also the only regret. Hotel is old but equipped with was good, worthy of recommendation.
  • poeme0201
    Good location, travel is the West Lake, from the musical fountain close, easy to eat around
  • lj19790525
    Overall for, this hotel is compared authentic has. hotel itself on is located in Lake next, distance Lake a park and special near, night can walk back, day and convenient at any time travel. catch in 51 gold week during, such of location had to said is very convenience of. addition, street opposite is several has features of small bar, also is is has mood of. hotel of Lake cruise need ahead of scheduled, best can call scheduled, because compared hot, very has mayRooms at scheduled late. cruise is about half an hour or so, a general look at West Lake, large ship cruise is the standard, sofa, stereo, water and so on, is not simple, but very stable, very comfortable. If you do not want on the island to three ponds mirroring the Moon, is very worthwhile.
  • E00086801
    Next to Lake location superior! door has star BA grams, KFC, fast food, also has small cage package and so on of snacks, very convenient! for wants to ornamental lake King, and didn't want to walk too far of visitors. door has tours, can package day with you in Lake turned had a big circle! out had a article bar is Lake, Hangzhou of driver really good! see you had road, far on deceleration stopped let pedestrian first had! praise! praise! praise!
  • bearliy
    You can also, just beside the West Lake!O_o
  • talentfirst1
    Slightly older equipment, environment good
  • nuoya_wen
    The location is very convenient, near Star Mall
  • guoguojy0719
    Went to the West Lake easy, basically going out. and the hotel is surrounded by delicious, could have included breakfast room. prices I feel great ... because of the perfect location. rooms have drinking water, is a major feature. tourist travel hotel is a good choice, I think!
  • edly-11
    A bit expensive
  • monicaliyin
    Good location, at Lake Street, between taste and the Hangzhou Hotel, may not provide breakfast, surrounded by optional. Unfortunately, rooms are a little small.
  • fangang88888888
    Hotel location is very good, from Hangzhou restaurant, Grandma's House is near. cross the street is the West Lake Hotel. public transport is also very convenient to travel. to sum up, next to Hangzhou to live here ... the only downside is that the rooms are too small, others are good.
  • cssc945
    Good location, good health, good, although the room is a little small, but gave five stars
    It's OK
  • li_iris
    Great hotel, highly cost-effective. hotel room, hotel location, first-class customer service service. This is the first best moderate priced hotel! highly recommended!
  • andilee
    From one Park to six parks, and then to the children's Palace, geling, broken bridge. lived in harmony, so convenient.
  • e00580933
    Room was good, went out to the streets, is convenient for the West Lake
  • benitafy
    Old hotel rooms but rooms are a little small ... very close to the West Lake, West Lake to cost-effective hotel
  • cocojyu
    Very close to the Lake, less than 10 minutes walk, the environment is also good, large shopping malls have, as well as famous restaurant in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Grandma food, really good.
  • gby7632
    To the West Lake.
  • xdlstc
    Which is very nice
  • abc99999
    Recommend this hotel, very intimate, surrounded by a lot of delicious food, eat enough are very convenient
  • andylau200188
    Good location, just near the West Lake, only 5 minute walk, eat a lot of things at the gate and easily. recommended
  • congcongo
    The environment is good, comfort
  • eleny_5888
    Active promotion Deluxe double room room clean out only to eat and play from the Lake near
  • aiusun
    May be more visitors than sake, go have a hair on the pillow. replace. advantages from the Lake near.
  • Stone_gui
    Kind of like a very convenient and quiet is good,
  • AMANDA0229
    From the Lake really close
  • Lonewolf2008
    Good, good location.
  • bufaci
    All right
  • Anita0616
    From the Lake near, went out for two minutes is the musical fountain, wireless network Super trash, with no sample
  • xinpan5450
    General environment was excellent, going out is the West Lake, around eating, and a lot
  • passionpenny
    Cross the street that the hotel is West Lake Lakeside, the surrounding shops, play food consumption is very convenient, the price is not expensive, great
  • lifansong901
    Great location, just near the West Lake side restaurant in Hangzhou, Hangzhou cuisine, taste such as travel, eating more convenient. rooms have drinking water, flavor was good, breakfast is also very good.
  • dodorabbit
    Hotel location is very good, going out three minutes is the West Lake, and the dinner is very convenient, Grandma's House, very close to the new White Hart, a street snack, customer service is also very good
  • e00476565
    The location is excellent
  • JI0122
    No problem