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Situated on the Hubin pedestrian street, the Hangzhou Renhe Hotel (Hangzhou Renhe Fandian) is close to West Lake, many business, entertainment and shopping centers. This Hangzhou hotel features queen rooms, standard rooms and lake-view rooms enabling guests to enjoy the beauty of West Lake. All rooms are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, high-speed internet access, VOD system and central air conditioning...More Details>>

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  • e00476565
    The location is excellent
  • JI0122
    No problem
  • lancelu00
    Very good two minutes walk away is the West Lake
  • gateway
    Near the West Lake scenic area to the hotel cuisine is not a single facility and service was very good ... recommended!
  • jiejie_0721
    Very good location, high cost performance
  • Bluecrest
    Super close beside the West Lake is the concept of taste is very convenient
  • candy07221
    Location very superior, on in know taste views next door, itself hotel in on has a compared famous of hang help dish restaurant--kumquat restaurant KFC McDonald's also in several step of far, day meals without worry has. play of words to Lingyin Temple door 7 road direct, away from Lake is near, 3 minutes on to. Hangzhou taxi are unwilling to to downtown, so tour Lake also is away from hotel into good. room device can see is heart, service also is good, real of home away from home of feel. only regrets of isLived on the second floor, a bit noisy early in the morning. overall was very satisfactory, next time will stay
  • lanbobo
  • icanyoucan
    Location, very close to the Lake, next to the concept of taste, the hotel facility slightly old.
  • niting1983
    Accessibility, walked two steps is the West Lake, but advised everyone to take the subway, by taxi, bus or something easy to jam.
  • bonita513
    Overall very satisfied with room facilities very good, good, very satisfied, key is near the West Lake
  • longcard
    Very good, affordable, near West Lake environment good. I
  • aa2504
    Hotel entrance is not particularly busy
  • e00210905
    Service is very good, only hundred meters from the Lake, shopping around, eating is very convenient, it is worth saying that I check out two hours later and found items fall results customer service help me keep things well
  • greenbibo
    Not bad!
  • ruby624
    Hotel room is a bit small, between there and the adjacent hotel room a bit noisy outside (close the window without too much noise), very good! clean, neat, went out in two minutes to the Lake, surrounding food shopping easy! perfect!
  • meixfj
    Take the elderly to travel, service is very warm, old difficulties in walking, still care. is near from the Lake, eat, swim is very convenient, come again and have recommended to a friend.
  • feel629
    Hotel is near the Lake and around there for dinner.
  • linyifan88
    Location excellent, accommodation nice, clean and comfortable
  • lx5601
    Very convenient, a few minutes ' walk of the West Lake, from Grandma, is close to the concept of taste, cost-effective high
  • berylgao210
    Good convenient location
  • bobodm
    Then to Hangzhou Hotels really hard? 2:08 P.M. to shop, and then to the front desk to confirm room, front desk very well, got behind the room was very clean, slippers, bathrobes, room is very large, bathroom very clean, have hot water, like Wi-Fi, is to force. downstairs, close to food, very convenient.
  • bingjun
  • leefeier
    Great location, the Terminal is nearby. around a lot of places to eat, Grandma's 1 minute, collar, back shower washing
  • jennifer729
    Convenient, cost-effective, non-smoking rooms, ...
  • linbo1981
    Really good location, dinner, swimming lakes are super close to provide lake view connecting room, the ideal choice for family holiday-but also fruit gifts, like one-
  • ANDREA6018
    Very nice hotel ... n stay
  • silex17
    Very close to the Lake. metro station are also very close. many hotel eating places nearby. Grandma's dishes to eat. we play with people ... very convenient! ren he hotel, I hope next time you come to the West Lake.
  • summer2892585
    Hotel of location no said, out turn is Lake, make in the take static. and around are is old of hang help dish old shop, dinner not problem. away from Metro is near, to East station, City station are is convenient. waiter is enthusiasm, attitude is kind, insufficient of is health clean have not is in place. total live has three days, except finishing bed, for has toilet paper and towel outside, almost didn't clean, day wash head Shi dropped of hair still scattered in to or blocking in sewer mouth, hasSome accidents. to sum up, also recommended. in addition, the need to be reminded about is that taxi in Hangzhou are scams, online about cart software you don't have to go out.
  • mao19820604
    Very close to Metro station, surrounding everything, location advantage, because travel one night, no rooms selected landscape better, must be wonderful if lake view room view
  • joyce301
    Traffic is really convenient, but the room is too small, not good, called Lake are just a small piece, was also blocked by trees
  • David-Lam
    Very good location, quiet, others can say OK.
  • moccalu
    Hotel location very good, from the Lake across the road, and many places to eat around, the room facilities is very good, very satisfied.
  • jason_xu96
    Lakeside room
  • oba119
    Also liked, come here all the time.
  • cs2014
  • Ansen
    Room was a bit small, after all, the West Lake.
  • bettoja
    Hotel was very close to West Lake fountain, walk across a road to. around public transportation is very convenient, right down in the 7th, not far from the ... also a lot of food around, zhiweiguan, Hangzhou restaurant downstairs, dining easy. rooms are very clean, is the bathroom too small.
  • nbw578
    Very good location, very good
  • yonyuan01
    Hotel elegant
  • curley
    Hotel very good! is mainly from the West Lake, near all attractions! food shopping easy
  • selina1212
    Hotel hardware very well, check-in and check-out very quickly ... next time will come.
  • taojin830821
    It's not bad
  • s2216849
    Nice! very convenient! next to Grandma's House, green tea, white deer, taste view of everything!
  • sencity
    Has third, great location, out soon is the West Lake, the hotel front desk staff was super professional and patient guidance, worthy of praise?
  • crespo
    Well, from the Lake near, Metro close to advance weekend prices a lot
  • Eternal1517
    Very nice hotel, in addition to small, others very well, doorman was very helpful, out of 20 meters is the West Lake, downstairs has a lot of restaurants, old Hangzhou, also has many chain stores are very convenient, in short, is a very good hotel, next to your home.
  • e01543138
    Very close to the Lake, travel easy
  • sawen3301
    Lakeside travel, nothing to say very convenient! lots of places to eat outside, is the season of your point
  • poy0808
    Health OK